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Dementia: What to Look Out For

Dementia: What to Look Out For

Dementia is only the umbrella term used for most progressive illnesses that affect a person’s cognition and basic functions. Other common forms of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy Body, and frontotemporal dementia, among others. This condition can be common in seniors or older adults as they age.

How do you know if you’re aging loved one has it? Here’s a quick list of the signs that you should watch out for:

  • Forgetfulness

    While age-related forgetfulness is also common, patients with dementia are not able to remember information they have just learned. They can also forget significant events. When they are frequently forgetful to the point that you observe their safety and health are compromised, a home health aide can be of assistance to them.

  • Inability to Finish Familiar Tasks

    Your loved one may also find it difficult to finish even simple tasks such as preparing their own tea or heading to their favorite grocery store. This difficulty can be unsafe for them, and they will need your supervision or someone who can provide Nursing Care Service in Cape Coral, Florida.

  • Confusion

    Persons with dementia can also get easily confused about their present location or the time being. They can get confused about a certain event in the past which can affect their emotional well-being.

  • Inability to Speak

    In the long-term consequence of dementia, your loved one may eventually forget how to talk. This difficulty can affect the way they will receive care as they may not be able to tell you what they need. A professional providing Skilled Nursing Services in Florida can help you out to ensure that their needs are still being met.

  • Misplaces Things

    Our loved ones with dementia can also misplace their things and this can be a reason for frustration or accusing others of theft. When you notice that car keys are already inside the freezer, you know something’s not right with their memory.

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