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When daily tasks become too difficult to do due to old age, disability, or deteriorating health condition, we can assist you with personal care.

At Babcock Nurses, Aides and Companions, LLC, Personal Care Services are provided by professional caregivers who are CNAs or HHAs. Some, but not all, private long-term care insurance companies will provide aide services for beneficiaries. If you have such a policy, please let us know so that we may contact them to ensure you receive the services to which you may be entitled.

The primary function of the CNA or HHA is to provide personal care. At each visit, your aide will complete the assigned activities, under your direction, before leaving your home. The CNA or HHA provides the following tasks and assumes these responsibilities while documenting each service for the client:

  • Responsible for observing appearance and gross behavioral changes in the patient and reporting these changes to the family caregiver, nurse registry;
  • Assisting the client with bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, eating, transferring, and other basic daily routines the patient could perform when he or she is physically capable;
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment, which may include light cleaning and straightening of the bathroom, straightening the sleeping and living areas, washing the patient’s dishes or laundry, and such tasks to maintain cleanliness and safety for the patient;
  • Perform other activities as taught and documented by a registered nurse concerning the activities for a specific patient and restricted to provide assistance with:
    medical staff helping elderly patient
    • Dressing
    • Oral hygiene care
    • Ambulation and transferring
    • Assist clients with changing of a colostomy bag
    • Assist clients with reinforcement of dressing
    • Using mobility devices, such as a wheelchair or walker
    • Range of motion exercises
    • Assist clients to apply ice cap or collar as needed
    • Measuring and preparing special diets
    • Measuring intake and output of fluids
    • Monitoring temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure
    • Maintaining a clean and safe bedside and bath area
    • Meal preparation to meet nutritional needs

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